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2 4 6 8 Seater Electric Golf Carts Utility Golf Vehicle Off Road Golf Buggy for Sale with Good Price

2 4 6 8 Seater Electric Golf Carts is the mainstay of The Yatian company.
It’s powerful, silent, and can be customized to fit whatever needs you have.
We’ve been building these for over a decade and fine-tuning the features for just as long. trustworthy!
  • GQ22P

  • Yatian

Support customization Golf Cart, vintage old style america car, antique vintage car display, vintage beat up car decorations.

A leading Electric Vehicle Professional Manufacturer in China. We have occupied a leading position in the domestic market and are now fully developing the international market. Whether you are an end user, a distributor, a reseller, a project integrator, we hope to discuss the possibility of our cooperation, and we welcome you to visit our factory for inspection and negotiation.

The original Yatian GQ22P 48V Electric Hunting Vehicle is the mainstay of The Yatian's company.
It's the first and last electric hunting vehicle many people look at when deciding what to buy.

It's powerful, silent, and can be customized to fit whatever needs you have.
We have been building these for over a decade and fine tuning the features for just as long.
The Yatian's better than ever, we know you’ll love yours because we drive ours every single day.

Golf Cart Maintenance and Repair Plan

Introduction:Our golf carts play a crucial role in ensuring an enjoyable and efficient experience for our golfers. To uphold the highest standards of performance, safety, and longevity, a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan is essential. This plan outlines the key procedures and schedules to keep our fleet of golf carts in optimal condition.

I. Routine Maintenance:

  1. Regular Inspections:

    • Conduct weekly visual inspections of each golf cart to identify any visible issues.

    • Inspect tires for wear and tear, and ensure proper inflation.

    • Check battery terminals for corrosion and ensure secure connections.

  2. Battery Maintenance:

    • Perform monthly battery checks, including water levels and specific gravity.

    • Clean battery terminals and cable connections regularly.

    • Monitor and record battery performance to identify potential issues.

  3. Brake System:

    • Inspect brake pads and shoes for wear and replace as needed.

    • Check brake fluid levels and top up if necessary.

    • Ensure proper adjustment of the brake pedal for optimal braking efficiency.

II. Seasonal Maintenance:

  1. Cooling System:

    • Flush and replace coolant annually to prevent overheating.

    • Inspect radiator and cooling fan for debris.

  2. Drive System:

    • Inspect the drive belt for wear and replace if necessary.

    • Check the transmission fluid level and top up if needed.

  3. Chassis Inspection:

    • Conduct a thorough inspection of the chassis for rust or corrosion.

    • Lubricate chassis components, including steering and suspension.

III. Winterization:

  1. Storage Preparation:

    • Clean the golf cart thoroughly before winter storage.

    • Remove the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place.

    • Apply corrosion-resistant coating to metal parts.

  2. Tire Care:

    • Inflate tires to the recommended pressure to prevent flat spots.

    • Elevate the golf cart or place it on jack stands to relieve tire pressure.

IV. Emergency Repairs:

  1. On-Course Toolkit:

    • Equip each golf cart with a basic toolkit for minor repairs.

    • Include spare fuses, bulbs, and essential tools for quick fixes.

  2. Rapid Response Team:

    • Establish a dedicated team for immediate response to on-course breakdowns.

    • Provide training for staff on basic troubleshooting and repair procedures.

V. Record Keeping:

  1. Maintenance Logs:

    • Maintain detailed records of all maintenance and repairs conducted.

    • Include dates, performed tasks, and any parts replaced.

  2. Usage Tracking:

    • Implement a system to track the usage hours of each golf cart.

    • Schedule major maintenance based on usage milestones.

Electric Golf Cart: Embrace Green Luxury Driving in Diverse Scenarios

1. Roaming the Golf Course:

  • Scene Description: On the serene golf course, the electric golf cart offers an unparalleled experience. With its silent electric drive system, it not only maintains the tranquility of the course but also allows you to focus on your swings, immersing yourself in the pure joy of golf.

  • Highlighted Advantages: The unique electric drive system effortlessly navigates the golf course, letting you enjoy the pleasure of golf. With zero emissions, it is environmentally friendly, showcasing your commitment to sustainable living.

2. Leisurely Community Exploration:

  • Scene Description: In a beautiful residential community, the electric golf cart becomes a unique mode of transportation. Cruising along community pathways surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers, you can comfortably travel to the community center, neighborhood gatherings, or local cafes, experiencing a different kind of social life.

  • Highlighted Advantages: Leading the way in fashion, the electric golf cart not only boasts a distinctive design but also enhances the charm of residential communities. Its quiet and eco-friendly features make you an advocate for environmental responsibility in your community.

3. Vacation Retreats:

  • Scene Description: At vacation retreats, the electric golf cart is the ideal companion for exploring beautiful landscapes. From the golf course to your vacation residence, the electric golf cart allows you to easily tour the resort area, fully enjoying the tranquility and beauty of your vacation retreat.

  • Highlighted Advantages: The electric performance and unique design of the golf cart bring a touch of luxury to your vacation. Enhancing not only the convenience of your travels but also adding a sense of opulence to your vacation moments.

4. Urban Park Surroundings:

  • Scene Description: In the vicinity of urban parks, the electric golf cart introduces a new leisure experience. Maneuvering through park trails, feeling the city's greenery; at outdoor concert venues, you can enjoy the most beautiful music performances at any time.

  • Highlighted Advantages: The electric golf cart's flexibility allows you to explore every corner of urban parks. Providing a unique and easy mode of transportation, it adds a distinct and relaxed element to urban living.

5. Business Park Tours:

  • Scene Description: In bustling business parks, the electric golf cart becomes your ideal choice for commuting to the office. From one meeting to another, the electric golf cart provides you with an efficient and convenient business mobility experience.

  • Highlighted Advantages: Within business parks, the electric golf cart not only showcases your pursuit of unique taste but also elevates your image in business settings. Its environmentally friendly features align with modern corporate values for sustainable development.


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