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Our Partners

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Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd. collaborates with numerous outstanding partners both domestically and internationally, united in our commitment to advancing and innovating the automotive industry. Our partners include:

Domestic Tourist Attractions

We partner with renowned domestic tourist attractions to provide high-quality tour vehicles for visitors. These partnerships encompass various scenic spots, historical and cultural sites, as well as theme parks. Yatian's tour vehicles offer tourists an ideal choice for exploring attractions, ensuring a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

International, Especially European Castle Estates

Yatian collaborates with prestigious castle estates and tourist attractions in Europe and other countries to offer unique tour vehicle services. Our vehicles become an integral part of these historically rich and scenic attractions, delivering a high-quality touring experience for visitors.

Global Dealers

We extend a sincere invitation to dealers from around the world to join Yatian Industrial as partners. As a Yatian dealer, you will receive access to high-quality products, comprehensive support, flexible collaboration, and opportunities for sustained growth. We are committed to establishing long-term, stable partnerships with dealers, collectively expanding markets, enhancing service quality, and delivering superior automotive products and tourist services to customers.

Whether you are a domestic or international dealer, regardless of size, we look forward to collaborating with you to create a brighter future in the automotive and tourism industries!

If you are interested in becoming our partner or would like more information, please feel free to contact us:

Contact Information: Phone: +86 13602853630 Email: ausu@yatian.com

Thank you for your attention and support. We eagerly anticipate discussing partnership opportunities with you!

Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd.




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