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Guangdong Yatian Industrial

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Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the most innovative technological companies in vehicle industry in China. Ever since its incorporation in 2001, the enterprise group has developed wide range of unique models for electric cars, utility vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and quads. With highly qualified human resources, advanced imported facilities and scientific equipments, we're determined to build a professional, responsible and reliable enterprise by offering top quality new products and best services to our customers in every corner of the world.The brand names for our vehicles are YATIAN and RARIRO and KAIER. After years of efforts,YATIAN and RARIRO electric cars and YATIAN motorcycles had become famous in China for not only their top qualities but also beautiful designs. Besides domestic market, our products are well accepted in many regions of the world. We have obtained ISO certificate, CCC national certificate, EEC certificate and DOT certificate for many of our models. The major production base of the enterprise group is located in Panyu, Guangzhou, and we also owe one subsidiary Imp & Exp company, called WELL UNION, in Hong Kong.Factory Introduction:Our production base mainly consists of two large scale factories: electric car factory for YATIAN and RARIRO brand name, and motorcycle factory for YATIAN and KAIER. Both factories are in the same industrial zone, belonging to the same enterprise group and share the same facilities. The factories occupy a land of 127,676 square meters, and have 60,000 square meters of offices and experimental centers.Advanced assembling lines are imported to ensure the efficiency of production and improvement of quality. We have six assembling lines: two for electric cars, two for motorcycles, one for scooter and one for ATV. We have the capability of producing 500,000 units of different kinds of vehicles in one year. Being an enterprise of responsibility, we equip our factories with different testing facilities, some of which are imported from abroad, including: Motorcycle safety testing line, motorcycle positioning machines, Brake Testing Machine, Engine Testing System, Lights testing system, Shock Absorber Durability Testing System, etc... The factory is well managed; both production and quality control are conducted carefully. Further more, as an innovative company; we developed many unique products, including YATIAN and RARIRO electric SUV, classic car of Model T style, electric UTV, mini truck, etc...Besides YATIAN and RARIRO and KAIER, we are also willing to be OEM factory of our customers, and we are authorized by our customers to produce different brand names.Export Division:The Export Division of Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd is specialized in not only vehicle technologies, but also international business and services. In order to facilitate the oversea business and build a team of responsibility, WELL UNION TRADING LIMITED is registered as subsidiary company of Yatian Enterprise in Hong Kong to handle all the international business of the group, and sell YATIAN and RARIRO and KAIER to the world. Our Export Division is an experienced and professional team. A few of our members are the former leaders of famous export team of big motorcycle giant in China. All our sales representatives have at least two years of professional experience, familiar with both business and products. Further more, consisting of enthusiastic members of different academic and working backgrounds, our team is able to offer services in different languages, which highly improves business efficiency and brings convenience to customers.The mission of Export Division is to help our customers start and grow their vehicle business by offering the most worthful products of quality in a professional way. We will be responsible to every of our customers, making sure that every of our customers are taken good care of.




   No. 17 Fengying Road, Taiping Town, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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