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  • LY05B


Multi-purpose 30 km/h LSV classic car real shot  

Multipurpose High Quality 30km/h LSV Vintage Car

High quality classic cars The  sapphire blue body with white roof looks low-key yet still classic and fashionable

Multipurpose High Quality 30km/h LSV Vintage Car

30km/h LSV classic car

The seating space is spacious, and there is space reserved between the seats, which conforms to the principles of ergonomics and makes the ride comfortable.

Multipurpose High Quality 30km/h LSV Vintage Car

30km/h LSV classic car The frame of the front cover, the headlights, the front and rear turn signals and the wheels are all selected in gold to echo each other, making the appearance of the model more visually impactful.

Multipurpose High Quality 30km/h LSV Vintage Car

YATIAN brand is a multi-purpose high-quality classic car. The design of the rear of the car, whether it is the backrest or the fender, adopts a smooth and simple arc design to make the visual effect more comfortable.

Multipurpose High Quality 30km/h LSV Vintage Car

front display

Multipurpose High Quality 30km/h LSV Vintage Car

Side display

Multipurpose High Quality 30km/h LSV Vintage Car

The back of the display

Multi-purpose high-quality classic cars, different styles to meet your different needs.

High quality classic cars

2 rows of 5 seats

High quality classic cars

3 rows of 8 seats

High quality classic cars

4 rows of 11 seats

High quality classic cars

Non-door style (Model A/B series)

High quality classic cars

Style with door (Model M/N series)

multipurpose classic car

Convertible style 


multipurpose classic car

With roof style

 (standard configuration)

multipurpose classic car

Install rain curtain 


production steps


1. Cutting material


2. Frame molding


3. Steps to assemble appearance parts


4. Appearance parts assembly

多用途老爷车 5. Product testing
multipurpose classic car

6. Assembly completed

Professional packaging,compression and loss prevention.


1. Put the vehicle into the base of the packing rack and fix the four wheels (support the whole vehicle or Sanda) .


2. Anti-rust oil will be sprayed on the chassis of marine vehicles.


3. Stretch film wrapped around the vehicle body.


4. After the packing frame is fixed, it is closed with a wooden board.


5. The surface is rewound with stretch film to prevent rain.


6. The packaging process is completed and ready to go.

after-sale warranty


Our company has a dedicated in-factory loading and unloading platform, as well as a logistics distribution system that has been in operation for many years. According to the delivery volume and transportation distance, we can help customers choose the appropriate delivery vehicles and transportation methods, and try to save transportation costs for customers.

[After-sales service]:

In the case of non-human damage, the whole vehicle is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of acceptance. During the warranty period, if there is any defect in the material of parts or assembly process of the product, you can apply for warranty according to the regulations, and respond to after-sales requests within 5 minutes.

[Kind tips]:

About the problem of color difference, all product pictures are real pictures, but due to the influence of natural light at different angles when shooting, the color resolution of different monitors, and the sensitivity of different people to colors, these factors will make the actual product different from the actual product. There are differences in the colors in the picture. Except for the color difference caused by the display, we guarantee 100% real shooting, and we will never flicker. We have professional engineers to meet the customization needs of customers. You only need to explain to the customer service what you need to customize, and we will respond to your needs within 5 minutes.

product details

Multipurpose High Quality Vintage Car New energy classic car, the console is convenient to drive, making driving easy and comfortable.  
Multipurpose High Quality Vintage Car The electronic power steering system improves the handling stability and comfort, has good road feeling, saves energy, and makes the steering wheel turn more easily.          
Multipurpose High Quality Vintage Car        

Standard configuration Instrument display

Information such as the power coefficient of the belt motor, the power of the device, the speed per hour, the total mileage, and the mileage of a single trip are clear at a glance.


Multipurpose High Quality Vintage Car        

custom audio installation

Functions: Bluetooth can be connected to mobile phones for hands-free calling or playing songs, radio response broadband, SD card music playback, USB flash drive playback, mobile phone charging, AUX audio input.


Buttons on the left console, headlight switch, forward/backward button, automatic wiper switch, easy and comfortable to operate.   


emergency power off switch

If the device is not used for a long time, or the circuit is suddenly abnormal, you can press the emergency switch to disconnect the power of the device.




Ensure stable parking, avoid slope slipping, easy and safe handling.



foot brake pedal

Ergonomically designed, comfortable to operate, safe and reliable.

经典老爷车 Suspension system, good comfort.      
经典老爷车 Standard vacuum radial tires.        
复古老爷车 Note: The original car vacuum spare tire is presented with the car.             






High quality 30 km/h LSV vintage car

Unified application of high-efficiency and high-speed AC motors improves the working efficiency and stability of the motors, enhances load-bearing and climbing capabilities, and improves safety performance, etc.       

Multipurpose High Quality Vintage Car

High quality classic car with steel plate body

The body material is car-grade steel plate, which is more environmentally friendly and durable than FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic).     


Multipurpose High Quality Vintage CarBody paint

YATIAN brand electric classic cars all adopt automotive professional baking paint technology, which makes the appearance of the vehicle highlight the noble and luxurious.       


Multipurpose High Quality Vintage Car  sheet metal backrest

The strength and rigidity are high, and the entire backrest is surrounded by widely used sheet metal materials, which improves the overall safety of the vehicle and provides better comfort.

复古老爷车 Classic car retro headlights, round headlight design, is the standard configuration of retro classic cars.            
复古老爷车 Front turn signal, turn signal shape design, classic retro, noble and elegant.             
复古老爷车 Rear turn signals, both front and rear turn signals have double flash warnings.        

Leather seat integrated seat system, ergonomics and comfortable ride.    


The ceiling is made of round steel frame + imported fabric tarpaulin, which is light and has good gloss.

Anti-ultraviolet and not easy to absorb heat.


Multipurpose High Quality Vintage Car Foldable windshield for special order

Note: Additional fees are required


Multipurpose High Quality Vintage CarStandard non-folding windshield        


Product number
2 rows of 5 seats
48v (6v*8)
Motor Power
recharge mileage
maximum driving speed
Minimum braking distance
Minimum turning radius
Minimum ground clearance
curb weight
Battery Type
Lead-acid battery/lithium battery
charging time
Tire specifications
brake type
front disc/rear drum

video display





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